Mr. President Hotel, part of the Belgrade Hotels Group, started to use HOTEO software for hotels.

We are pleased to announce the successful implementation of HOTEO software in the Mr. President Hotel.  This is the first hotel of nine hotels, part of Belgrade Hotels group, that will use HOTEO to standardize their hotel operations.

Belgrade Hotels Group is a chain of nine luxury hotels located in different locations of the Serbian capital Belgrade. Mr.President is the first hotel who is using HOTEO  for improving employees’ efficiency and communication between all departments.

This way HOTEO will simplify the execution of daily tasks and help staff work smarter and not harder.

So far we have successfully implemented the modules for Housekeeping and Maintenance Department. With Housekeeping module the cleaning and inspection processes are more efficient since HOTEO automatize the assignments. This automatization also makes reporting more easier and comprehensive. As a result, the Housekeeping teams can promptly update the status of cleaning and inspection assignments.

Maintenance module helps hotels to prevent additional costs, caused by incident situations, through regular maintenance checks.  As a side effect of this regular checks, the equipment longevity is increased.

The Management of the Mr.President Hotel hopes to make better and easier communication between employees and reduce the time needed for executing daily tasks. They want to modernize the way they run Mr.President Hotel and other hotels, inside the Belgrade Hotels Group.

By increasing the level of hotel services quality, they will deliver an exceptional experience for their guests and, at the same time, increase their revenue.

Since the implementation in the Mr. President was very successful, we are planning to start implementation of HOTEO software in the Queen’s Astoria hotel, and after that in the other hotels of Belgrade Hotels Group.