For the first time we had a presentation, instead of classical lecture, where Nikola introduced app for folklore societies. And we must admit, this was the most interesting Thursday, since the beginning of these lectures here at Sipod.

Apart from being an excellent software developer, Nikola is practicing folklore dance and traditional Serbian singing.


He made a perfect mix of business and pleasure when created the app for folklore societies. This app enables issuing, recording and keeping track of folk costumes. Nikola designed this app as a part of his master thesis at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. He even illustrated lecture by wearing the traditional cap, which he received as a reward at the folklore societies competition.

In essence, app for folklore societies offers the possibility of listing and updating the status of costumes. Besides that, it enables keeping track of requisition of costume sets from a storage room.

Moreover, this app uniquely enables printing costume sets requests and issuing specific QR code for each set of costumes. The app for folklore societies also enables deleting requests and costume sets from the system list.

This app is primarily made for the wardrobe storage workers. With some minor changes, other folklore society workers and artists can use this app as well.


Beside it was a very interesting lecture, this is a great way of mobile for managing resources of folklore societies. Mobile technologies can be of great help when it comes to promotion and preservation of cultural heritage. Greater use of apps such as this, can make job easier for folklore societies and artists. In addition, we believe that mobile apps are an ideal way to bring the tradition closer to younger generations.

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