Since we started this cycle of lectures in our company, where every week one of us holds a lecture on the chosen theme, we did not have a more interesting lecture than the one prepared by our colleague Nikola.

Apart from being an excellent software developer, Nikola has been practicing folklore and is skilled in traditional Serbian singing.

Nikola made a perfect mix of business and pleasure and presented the application for issuing and keeping track of Serbian folk costumes. He created this application as a part of his master thesis at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. Nikola even illustrated his lecture by wearing the traditional cap from the Krajina region, which he received as a reward at the competition of the cultural artistic societies.

In essence, this is the mobile application for issuing and keeping track of folk costumes in cultural artistic societies offers the possibility of listing and updating the status of costumes and keeping track of requisition of costume sets from a storage room.

In addition, the application also offers the possibility of printing costume sets requests and issuing specific QR code for each set of costumes. The application also includes the possibility of deleting requests, as well as the costume sets from the system list. This system is primarily made for the workers in wardrobe storage, but it can also be used by other workers and artists of the cultural artistic societies.

Beside it was a very interesting lecture to us, this is a great way of using mobile technologies for managing resources of cultural and artistic societies.