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Product Owner, Project Manager, Product Manager – how do they differ?

There is considerable confusion surrounding the roles of a product owner, project manager, and product manager, their differences, and where they overlap. What adds to the general confusion is that it can be challenging to come up with universally accepted definitions of these roles. 

The importance of having one provider for all phases of a software development project

Businesses worldwide are searching for experienced and talented nearshore teams who can help them professionally complete various tasks, making their business grow in desired ways.

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Software for hotels explained

As a hotel owner or manager, you often have to deal with different types of software that can help in hotel management. Since there is such a variety of hotel software available on the market, you can easily wind up needing clarification about the role of each of them. This article aims to explain different kinds of software for hotels in detail.

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Why outsource software development to Serbia?

Deciding to outsource software development can be a real game changer for your business, provided that you do it right. It is a process that can help you radically improve your business and save time and show you some tremendous cost-saving results.

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Support from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia in Dubai

Last week, Sipod’s CEO Dejan Beciric, together with Rade Cvetkovic, Client Success Director, met with Maja Antolovic, Head of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's business hub Dubai. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Ms Maja and Privredna komora Srbije | Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia for showing

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Meetings with the clients in the Emirates

Last week Sipod’s CEO Dejan Beciric and Sipod’s Client Success Director, Rade Cvetkovic, attended meetings with various clients in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The visit to Dubai further strengthened already close relations between Sipod and its clients in the Emirates. Sipod puts great emphasis on promoting close long-term cooperation with its clients by

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