Nearshoring and Offshoring

Nearshoring and offshoring services have been on rise over the years, and the pandemic only brought a surge into what already has proven as a perfect symbiosis between companies. And if 2020 taught us anything, that’s that we are all together in these times of uncertainty.

Sipod has already proved itself as a reliable partner to some of the most respected companies worldwide. One of our partners is GAC, one of the leading shipping & logistics companies, which offers complete logistics, freight forwarding & marine services with a globally known, world-class fleet. During a years-long partnership, Sipod has been helping GAC in trading oil across the globe and transporting vast amounts of goods to all parts of the world.

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With more than 300 offices worldwide, GAC has high demands in terms of reliability, promptness, or security. The Sipod team has been up to the challenge and has improved the complex technology solutions GAC uses for running its day-to-day business.

Another example of a great collaboration is Forsit Group, a German based interdisciplinary IT company. Throughout time, Forsit Group and Sipod responded to client challenges, system migration, and custom development, with constantly exceeding customers’ expectations. Having offices in Germany and Ukraine, Forsit Group found nothing but a benefit of working closely with Sipod on various projects. With a deep respect to each other, we highly value our partnership and continue nurturing it.

Should you need a dedicated team of highly trained IT professionals working for you, or a short-term consultancy services, Sipod is right here for you.
By backing your business up with multi-industry expertise, Sipod engineers are ready to address the challenges of rapid market transformations we are all facing.

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Development of reliable and scalable software solutions for different clients across industries is something Sipod is very experienced in. By assuring the highest quality software products and timely delivery, Sipod earns customers’ loyalty and is proud of the total client satisfaction.

Sipod brings together the latest technology advancements and deep industry expertise to support your business infrastructure with scalable and top-notch software. Whether your company needs an e-commerce solution, highly advanced business application, or a crypto wallet, chances are that Sipod already has experience with it.

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Many of Sipod’s customers are hiring us on a regular basis. Not only because of the professionalism and the best software in class, but also because of Sipod’s engineers, their politeness and dedication to the project success.

With extensive experience in a vast field of technologies, Sipod engineers are never short of inspiration in making the most suitable software for your business needs, in a rapid and transparent manner.

So far, Sipod has helped with bringing fresh bread and pastries to a two-million people city, with making online purchasing easier for many, with simplifying student life, and, together with UNICEF, with supporting children and young people in their needs.

The list continues to more than 40 projects, each making us very proud!

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