We are thrilled to announce the release of the first digital edition of Adria Fintech Journal, featuring an interview with our CEO, Dejan Beciric. Adria Fintech Journal is a premier publication bringing you in-depth insights, interviews, and analyses from the fintech industry in the Adria region. Explore the convergence of finance and technology, and stay updated on the most recent trends shaping the future of financial services.

Read the digital edition No.1 here: Adria Fintech Journal – Digital Edition No. 1

Explore the Future of Fintech

Dive into digital transformation, financial innovation, and Sipod’s cutting-edge solutions for the banking and financial industry. Discover how Sipod’s Business Process Management Platform is revolutionizing banking operations and driving efficiency in the digital age.

Insights from Industry Leaders

Gain valuable insights from industry experts, including an in-depth conversation with Dejan Beciric about Sipod’s mission, expertise, and commitment to assisting clients in achieving their strategic objectives. Learn about the company’s trusted partnership with OTP Bank Serbia and its role in managing complex origination processes.

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