Our crew visited the School of Computing (Računarski fakultet) today, giving lectures to students about the challenges of finding the first job in the IT industry.

As Računarski fakultet streams its lectures, students attended lectures from both the classroom and home.

Suzana Milovanovic, HR manager at Sipod, gave a brief introduction to the company and spoke about the recruitment process.

Dejan Beciric, (CEO), talked about the challenges young engineers face while looking for their first job and the paradox in the IT market with the high demand for IT experts and a still difficult path for graduates to get a chance for their first employment.

, a software developer, talked about his own experiences while he was looking for his first job and about how important it is to find a company that could offer well-organized practice work with employment opportunities.

After the lecture students applied for a traineeship at Sipod. After two rounds of interviews, 3 students started with a traineeship program in our team for .NET and Azure development.