We are thrilled to announce that OTP Bank is launching a pilot version of our BPM platform in certain branches! Our dynamic collaboration with OTP bank marks a bold leap forward in redefining banking operations, showcasing our joint commitment to cutting-edge fintech solutions.

With this pilot launch, OTP Bank is demonstrating its unwavering commitment to process optimization and operational efficiency. Our BPM platform is set to transform the bank’s operations, offering a new era of flexibility, security, and efficiency that will undoubtedly enhance banking services.

This partnership underscores our shared vision of driving digital transformation within the banking industry. By leveraging our BPM platform, OTP Bank is poised to unlock new growth opportunities, optimize resource utilization, and deliver enhanced customer value.

We are delighted to be part of this journey with OTP Bank and look forward to witnessing our BPM platform’s positive impact on transforming banking operations. Together, we are paving the way for a future of innovation, agility, and unparalleled customer experiences in the financial sector.