Sipod’s CEO, Dejan Beciric, has recently met with Sladjan Bogojevic, Talent Embassy’s founder and CEO in Malmö, Sweden. They discussed their plans for cooperation in the year 2023. They both recognized how important it is to maintain good business relationships no matter where your business partners are located in the world.

Talent Embassy is a Sweden-based job platform for hiring top talent in the development world, with access to several thousand software developers, including developers from Serbia and other Eastern European countries. Talent Embassy’s partners are some of the most prominent players in the tech game.

The company believes that borders shouldn’t limit growing companies from hiring the most brilliant developers wherever they are in the world. Their team aims to make global hiring opportunities accessible to everyone. As a company looking for developers, you can post job ads free of charge on their platform.

Talent Embassy has an in-depth understanding of its clients and the markets they operate in. Sipod is thrilled to have the opportunity to cooperate with Talent Embassy in its mission to make the best remote work opportunities accessible to everyone, spurring a positive chain reaction worldwide.