IT Staff Augmentation and Managed Services: A Strategic Guide

Staff augmentation helps your company acquire needed skills at a lower cost by outsourcing. This method enables your company to manage augmented staff as if they were regular employees. It also offers the advantage of lower costs and reduced responsibility for hiring and upkeep.

Why Outsource to Serbia and Hire Eastern European Developers

The workforce shortage issues and the lack of specialists in the IT industry are global phenomena seriously affecting both start-ups and large corporations among Western tech companies. This talent crisis in the Western world has created the need to outsource software development in an attempt to find qualified IT professionals elsewhere.

The importance of having one provider for all phases of a software development project

Businesses worldwide are searching for experienced and talented nearshore teams who can help them professionally complete various tasks, making their business grow in desired ways.

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Why outsource software development to Serbia?

Deciding to outsource software development can be a real game changer for your business, provided that you do it right. It is a process that can help you radically improve your business and save time and show you some tremendous cost-saving results.

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Why hourly rates are not relevant for an outsourcing service?

If an hourly rate is not a KPI, then what is? In one word — the outcome. The value you will get from an outsourcing service provider. How should potential nearshore partners know about what your objectives and goals are? Simply put — you should tell them.

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