A Comprehensive Approach to Automated Testing

This blog delves into the critical need for a consistent and effective QA strategy in software development. Whether you've grappled with QA challenges or are new to software development, the blog is a roadmap for building a rock-solid QA strategy. Notably, the focus will be on automated testing, offering a modern solution to elevate software quality.

Sipod’s BPM Platform and Automation Solution for Fintech

The banking and financial industry has significantly transformed over the past decade. The increasing demand for mobile and online banking services, coupled with the tech-savvy nature of today's customers, has reshaped the expectations for convenience, speed, and accuracy in every banking transaction.

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Software Project Planning and Preparation

At Sipod, we take a comprehensive approach to software development when preparing for a new project, which involves considering a range of factors that contribute to the project's overall success. We pay close attention to functional and non-functional requirements, which outline what the system must do and how it should operate.

SonarQube: The Ultimate Solution for Clean and Efficient Code

If you want to improve your software development team's code quality, the SonarQube platform is an excellent solution. It gives developers full code visibility through static code analysis, allowing them to uphold coding standards and deliver top-notch code.

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The Power of Jira Product Discovery

Software development teams generally have efficient processes for coding, delivery, and operation stages of software development, thanks to Agile and DevOps and the popularity of Jira Software. However, the discovery phase can be messy, lacking structure and clarity.

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Atlas by Atlassian – the tool we love

If you need a tool that can provide valuable assistance to your company by helping it stay connected and aligned across its teams and work processes, Atlas by Atlassian might just be the thing you need. In Sipod, we use Atlas to stay informed and updated on relevant projects, goals, and topics.

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No More Guesswork: A Definitive Guide to React’s Key Prop

React’s key prop plays an integral role in rendering lists. Its usage can seem straightforward- provide a unique key when rendering array data. However, its complexities and the number of different opinions on best practices can often leave us scratching our heads over something seemingly simple.

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Camunda – the tool we love

Camunda's mission is to automate business processes across demanding organizations from various industries, from financial services to the tech industry. For a business to thrive, it needs to have proven, effective processes that determine how an organization runs.

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Why should you include a software company in a discovery phase?

A discovery phase is a must-have step in any software development project. Its goal is to define the project's goal and scope accurately. Without it, there is a risk of developing a product that doesn't meet the client's needs and expectations.

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