The workforce shortage issues and the lack of specialists in the IT industry are global phenomena seriously affecting both start-ups and large corporations among Western tech companies. This talent crisis in the Western world has created the need to outsource software development in an attempt to find qualified IT professionals elsewhere. This article will cover the top reasons why to outsource to Serbia and hire Eastern European developers.

The top 5 reasons to hire Eastern European developers

Numerous tech giants, such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft, have opened their development centers in Eastern Europe for a reason. Outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe can help your start-up scale in highly-competitive markets with a high talent shortage. We’ll walk you through the top 5 reasons to hire Eastern European developers.

#1 Thriving IT industry

Eastern European countries top various tech-related rankings. Multiple sources state that this region is home to over 1 million IT specialists. According to Clutch, almost 3,000 software development companies in Eastern Europe specialize in outsourcing.

Eastern European governments have recognized IT market potential and started investing in it with incentives for tech companies. Many Eastern European countries have implemented a number of economic and political measures to support the tech industry. The region has seen a software industry boom and has become attractive to foreign investors due to lower taxes.

#2 Tech education and relevant skills

IT education is of world-class quality and affordable in Eastern Europe. Higher tech education is still held in high regard in many Eastern European countries, so it’s no surprise that many software developers have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science and other related subjects. There are also several digital events, summits, and masterclasses where programmers can broaden their knowledge, such as the Wolves Summit or the IT arena.

Each Eastern European country has its favorites when it comes to technologies, but some of the most popular ones are:

  • .NET 
  • Azure
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • React
  • TypeScript 
  • Node.js
  • Flutter
  • React Native

#3 English proficiency

Eastern European developers have a good command of both written and spoken English. Developers invest time in improving their English skills, as they know better English will provide them with more career opportunities. Most developers have an intermediate or upper-intermediate level of English, which is enough for corporate communication and intercultural cooperation. According to EF English Proficiency Index, Eastern European countries rank among the top 30 countries with high proficiency in English. 

#4 Cultural similarities

Eastern Europe is often still associated with its Soviet legacy. This is a stereotype, as in reality, Eastern European business culture nowadays is more similar to Western culture, including Western mindset and work ethics. The fast-growing and innovative IT industry has paved the way for other industries to follow when it comes to cooperating with Western clients.

Eastern European developers are typically outspoken and open-minded. They are creative and innovative, and you can count on them to provide valuable insights into your product. They are not afraid to provide feedback, propose improvements, and like to share their knowledge in the industry.

#5 Reduced cost

In Eastern Europe, the cost of living is lower compared to Western Europe or the USA. Consequently, hiring a software developer is also cheaper. The average software developer’s salary in the USA is $106,816 per year, whereas the average salary of Eastern Europe’s developers ranges from $25,958 to $41,170 a year

Lower prices of hiring a software developer in Eastern Europe are in no way associated with bad quality or unreliable contractors. The cost of living, the demand, and the skill set influence software development rates.

The top 7 reasons to outsource software development to Serbia

Serbia currently generates 10 percent of its GDP from the ICT sector. Many renowned companies have satellite offices in Serbia, including Microsoft, IBM, and Intel. Outsourcing centers in Serbia are its capital – Belgrade, Novi Sad – its second largest city, and Nis – a slightly smaller city.

Serbia has to offer immediate benefits to those who outsource development there. Next are the top 7 reasons to outsource software development to Serbia.

#1 Cutting the costs

Software development costs have skyrocketed recently, especially if you need highly skilled IT professionals. Outsourcing to Serbia can dramatically reduce costs if you have a lengthy and complex project. Serbia’s average pricing is one of the most moderate in Eastern Europe. As a client, you get the highest-quality service for a reasonable price, which lets you gain a competitive advantage. 

A remote Software Developer’s average annual salary is $41,563 in Serbia. For comparison’s sake, the median software developer salary in the USA is $108,010 annually. In Serbia, you will get the same quality of work that you would get from an in-house developer based in the USA or other Western countries at a much lower cost.

#2 Cultural compatibility

Certain problems can arise from cultural diversity, even when you outsource. Work collaboration with IT professionals is easy in Serbia because of the cultural compatibility between Serbia and other Europeans and Westerners. This reduces chances for any communication misunderstandings. Serbian developers are proactive, have a problem-solving mindset, and are committed to the success of a development project.

#3 An educated and highly skilled workforce

Serbian children receive top-notch primary and secondary education. Nowadays, children as young as nine get familiar with programming languages, such as Python, as a part of the mandatory school curriculum. Serbia boasts world-class higher education, too, especially in STEM fields.

The University of Belgrade and the University of Novi Sad rank high in numerous world university rankings. Many IT students start working while still at universities, thus gaining experience at a very early age. When outsourcing to Serbia, you get access to a wide choice of talent and potential employees with a broad range of skills.

#4 English proficiency

The language barrier is not something you should worry about when outsourcing to Serbia. Serbia ranked 27th out of 111 countries on the EF English Proficiency Index in 2022. In Serbia, children start learning English straight from the first grade, from the age of seven. Parents often enroll their children in English classes as early as kindergarten or preschool. Most software developers speak English fluently and are used to communicating with international clients. In addition to their mother tongue and English, many people in Serbia speak a third language too. 

#5 Favorable legislation

Even though Serbia is not a part of the European Union, most of its laws are in accordance with the EU laws. You needn’t worry about your data’s safety, as local laws protect them. Moreover, if you decide to outsource to Serbia, you can expect stable business conditions, low tax rates, and affordable labor costs. 

#6 Geographical proximity

Serbia offers the possibility of communicating in real-time when you need to directly discuss important tasks and make strategic decisions with your external partner in outsourcing. Serbia’s time zone is GMT+1, which is only an hour ahead of the UK. There are also night shifts in Serbia that offer US time zone. 

Moreover, there are direct flights from most capital cities in Europe to Belgrade, Serbia’s administrative and business capital. Geographical proximity also allows less expensive trips and occasional face-to-face meetings for European clients. Serbia offers both nearshoring and offshoring software solutions adjusted to your business needs.

#7 Hassle-free project experience

If you would like to hire the same team of developers for the entire project, chances are high that you will find such a team in Serbia. Working with the same team throughout the project is most clients’ dream, as it means there is no disruption in the project flow and no loss of knowledge. 

Sipod recognizes the importance of putting together an entire team of IT professionals to help you achieve your business goal. Our software developers are content working in the same team for a while, and our project managers and customer success managers are with you every step of the way. Schedule a meeting and let us know about your software development needs. 

To sum up

When hiring developers for your project, think of it as entering into a partnership. Eastern Europe is a hotbed of software development with developers proficient in different technologies and innovations. Serbia is a hidden gem in the software development world that offers many advantages for outsourcing, from access to development teams to reduced cost, without compromising the high quality of work.

Choosing Serbia as your outsourcing partner can add value to your project in more than one way. Serbian software developers deliver work of the highest quality within set deadlines and at affordable rates. Best of all, you can reduce your cost-per-hire by hiring dedicated software development teams that include project managers, software architects, engineers, and QA testers. The development team takes full responsibility for the project, while you focus only on the product vision.