As a common and popular practice, outsorcing is a process which has the potential to help you improve your business, save your time and it can show you some great results in cost-savings. Of course there are potential risks in this process, but if it is done correctly, you don’t have to worry about its success.

The IT outsourcing market in the US is growing constantly and the numbers for the next year are pretty high. What is it that attracts companies to try this business model? Executing on larger business goals, accessing skills not available in house, more capacity and saving money are some of the most important. But the main question is, how to know where to outsource?

Important things for your partner company or development team are English skills, appropriate time zone, responsible project managers with well qualified outsourced team and of course, good communication. Besides these qualifications, there are couple of more which are relevant for the cooperation, and Serbia have them all.

Lately on the Internet, Serbia is seen as a replacement for some Asian countries which are often first to mention when outsourcing is on the table. So why to outsource software development to Serbia?

This is what other companies said:

  • Satisfying time zone (+1 GMT) for the Europe based firms, as for the US working hours, Serbian companies have night shifts which can fulfill their time zone. Another thing is paying the night hours, and having in mind the US payed overnight work, this is very
  • IT industry in Serbia is getting better every year, especially in Belgrade and Novi Sad. Beside these two towns, there are couple of more big towns in which you can see progress in the IT sector. There are new members on a monthly basis, thanks to the educational instituions and learning platforms. The structure of the new companies for the software development is getting better and convenient.
  • Serbian universities are highly ranked in the world’s list, and this is a result of the excellent educational technical faculties. Serbian children receive excellent primary and secondary education.
  • English proficiency is on very high level in Serbia, so programmers mostly speak English fluently
  • Serbia is also considered as a country which has acceptable work ethics for the Western area and companies
  • Many multinational companies have already settled in Serbia as an interesting place to discover for outsourcing
  • Legislation is not considered as a problem, since Serbia has similar laws as the European Union, your data is safe and secure

The position of Serbia tends to grow on the world market, with great quality of the service. Knowing this, placing a new product, company or business in Serbia can be very productive and it can sure reduce costs. Outsourcing the development of software will be supported by quality ratio.

Maybe it doesn’t sound relevant or it sounds very material talking about the money, cost, earnings and payment, but it truly isn’t. On an annual basis, paying and working with developer from the UK (for example) can be three to four times more expensive than working with Serbian software developer. And all of this difference is not conditioned with the quality of the job. That is why Serbia is a good option for cooperation.

Talking about the investments and costs, the Government of the Republic of Serbia sees a big potential in the IT industry. So during the years of its development, IT industry became one of the priorities and that is for a reason. Numbers are changing every year, and they are pretty good for the growth of this industry.

Vojvodina ICT Cluster is a great example and bright spot of the IT industry in Serbia. They provide contact with the best companies in Serbia with experienced IT professionals. This is a fast growing association and it has strong cooperation with Europe, North America and Middle East. Companies from this cluster have very good rankings and they made breakthrough on world markets, which made Serbia become visible in many ways.

Serbian developers are content working in the same teams in the sector, which is considered as a very good thing for the other companies. Having the same team of developers for the entire project is a very strong reason for some companies to offshore to Serbia. The process of developing some project can be very complex and demanding. So having the same group of people who are familiar with the whole project is very important. This shows the value of Serbia and serbian software developers.

To finalize things, Serbia may be a small country, but the IT sector is very developed, people from the software industry are worthy, qualified and this country with all of its qualifications and qualities can help you grow and develop your business.