Deciding to outsource software development can be a real game changer for your business, provided that you do it right. It is a process that can help you radically improve your business and save time and show you some tremendous cost-saving results.

How to know where to outsource software development?

According to the IT Outsourcing Market by Service and Geography – Forecast and Analysis 2022-2026, the IT outsourcing market growth is expected to experience an increase of USD 117.24 million from 2021 to 2026. What is it that drives this growth and attracts companies to try to outsource software development? Some of the most crucial factors are executing larger business goals, accessing skills not available in-house, expanding capacity, and saving money. But the main question is, how to know where to outsource?

The basic qualifications that you should take into account when deciding to outsource software development to your partner company or development team are:

  • fluent English skills
  • suitable time zone
  • responsible project managers
  • well-qualified outsourcing team
  • good communication skills

Besides these qualifications, there are a couple more relevant to effective cooperation, and Serbia has them all.

Why outsource software development to Serbia?

Asian countries have been leading the way in outsourcing software development for decades now. Lately, on the Internet, Serbia has been recognized as one of the Asian countries’ main competitors regarding IT outsourcing. So why outsource software development to Serbia?

  • Satisfying time zone – (+1 GMT) for the Europe-based firms, Serbian companies also have night shifts that can cover the US time zone.
  • The IT industry in Serbia has thrived in recent years – This is especially true for Belgrade and Novi Sad. According to the International Trade Administration, Serbia now generates 10 percent of its GDP from the ICT sector.
  • Serbian universities rank high among the world’s top universities due to their excellent technical faculties. Serbian children receive first-class primary and secondary education too.
  • Serbia offers a lower-wage but highly skilled workforce – Serbian programmers have excellent English language and tech skills.
  • Serbia is renowned for its professional work ethics that are in accordance with Western countries and companies.
  • Major multinational companies have already outsourced their work to Serbia and have established development centers.
  • Serbia has many similar laws to the European Union, so your data is safe and secure, and legislation is not a problem.

The Government of the Republic of Serbia recognizes immense IT industry potential. Vojvodina ICT Cluster is a great example and bright spot for the IT industry in Serbia. They establish contact between the best companies in Serbia and experienced IT professionals. It is a fast-growing association and works closely with Europe, North America, and the Middle East. Companies from this cluster have excellent rankings and made breakthroughs in world markets, making Serbia visible in many ways.

Why choose software developers from Serbia?

On an annual basis, paying and working with developers from the UK, for example, can be three to four times more expensive than working with Serbian software developers. In the case of Serbian software developers, the reduced cost will in no way compromise the quality of the job. That is why you are well-advised to make Serbia your first choice for outsourcing software development. You may also want to find out why hourly rates are not relevant for an outsourcing service. Read more about it in our blog.

Serbian developers are content working within the same team in the sector throughout the project, which is a compelling reason for many companies to offshore to Serbia. Developing specific projects and products can be pretty demanding. That is why having one provider for all phases of a software development project is vitally important for the project’s success.

In summary

Serbia’s presence on the world market shows a clear tendency for growth. With this in mind, when outsourcing software development to Serbia, you will reduce the costs without compromising quality. Serbia may be a small country in Eastern Europe, but it has a highly developed IT sector. People in the software industry possess all the relevant qualifications and qualities to help you grow and scale up your business.