Businesses worldwide are searching for experienced and talented nearshore teams who can help them complete various tasks in a professional manner, making their business grow in wanted ways and manners. When we are speaking of software development itself, a project needs a team who can design and implement database, backend, web, and mobile applications. Finding a reliable partner for a software provider is a must and it’s always recommended that they have already standardized processes in all phases of the project. In this article, we will go through 9 steps of a software development project that has already successfully built dozens of powerful products. Later on, we’ll explain why having one provider for all phases of a successful software development project is essential.

Readiness assessment of nearshoring teams

A lot of online businesses still have no idea which services they need with the purpose of achieving product-market fit. Although many believe that their biggest problem is lacking technical knowledge like creating architecture patterns, the truth is that the problem appears when companies and clients are entering unknown niches. Domain expertise, together with relevant experience related to software development life cycle is a must. Formulating a rollout plan can help companies reduce the odds.

The first step that should be taken can be related to targeting a market with the purpose to find domain experts who can help you start the project. Finding a nearshoring partner brings numerous benefits, such as saving time, improving business, as well as bringing cost-saving results.

When thinking about outsourcing, it’s also recommended to consider finding a suitable time-zone, qualified nearshoring team, together with excellent English skills and responsible project managers.

Get to know your nearshoring provider for completing all steps of every software development project

Companies who are searching for experienced, talented, and highly-educated professionals who can complete every software development project from start to finish should focus on recognizing the needed skills. For example, a tech lead or chief technology officer is responsible for managing the project, helping you make a go of your service or a product in a technical manner, together with putting a roadmap together. The delivery manager, business analyst, and development team are the next crucial parts of every successful software development project. The delivery manager is responsible for literally all software development stages, and they will make sure that everything is done on time – no breaking deadlines, which will save you not only time but also a lot of money. A professional business analyst knows how to recognize the market’s and targeted audience’s needs. Therefore, they will create a suitable strategy with the purpose to make your product match the market in the best possible manner.

The experienced and hard-working development team consists of frontend and backend developers, QA engineers, and, of course – UX/UI designers.

Validate your software development project idea and go through the MVP phase

Once you’ve found a nearshoring team that is 100% capable to go through all the steps of one software development project and you’ve recognized their team as one of the best when it comes to outsourcing, it’s time to go through the idea validation step. An experienced software design and development company will help you to narrow down the problem your product can solve. Of course, it’s always a good idea to dig a bit deeper with the purpose of finding the problem’s main core, which helps satisfy the needs of every targeted audience. This is actually a huge step and definitely requires an experienced and professional team who knows its business.

One of the most common delusions is that competitive analysis mostly shows us who our main competitor is, but the truth is that it can tell you a lot more. The main point is finding a better way to solve the targeted audience’s problems and satisfy their needs. With wide and detailed competitive analysis, it’s clearly seen how to make a better approach to such needs and do that with your own product or service.

MVP represents a minimum viable product, and it can help every company realize how the product itself looks like and works before investing a lot of money, time, and energy in it. It’s highly recommended to let a professional software development team create one, so you are completely sure that you are on the right road to success.

One provider for all software development project steps

So far, if you’ve stuck with only one provider for completing all software development project steps, they have completely met your needs and expectations, which makes them suitable for going on the next two important steps.

Design and development usually represent the most important parts of every software development project, considering that the team of professionals will have to go through the design brief, user personas, as well as user journey, and user flow. Together with information architecture, these parts of the software development project will help draw a business process modeling notation diagram, also known as BPMN. In this step, it’s crucial to arrange different design-related decisions, together with all information flows and requirements. A high-level architecture design document with mentioned BPMN and UML diagrams will define the technical solution for the product development. Wireframing and mockup will help you realize which design perfectly suits your MVP.

We have already mentioned that every successful software development team has experienced UI/UX designers who will finalize all structural and visual elements of your product. Optimizing micro-interactions is also important and will help you create a brand’s identity and uniqueness.

For development, it’s needed to go through different phases and steps that include a communication schedule, project charter, Gantt charts, project roadmaps, and more. All these will help you stay on the right track, together with your project management team.

Why it’s important for developers to work in the same teams in the sector?

So far, we have clearly represented that the process of a software development project can be very complex and demanding. Therefore, companies find it useful to have the same group of people who are familiar with the entire project – from its start to finish.

After all the mentioned steps we’ve gone through, it’s time to continue with another important step – testing. Requirement analysis, test planning, and execution defect tracking, together with pre-launch regression testing, will make sure that your project doesn’t have any flaws and bugs.

Implementation and deployment help us set up a server and protect your software in the best possible manner. It should be protected from third-party failures, which will lead us to the next step – operations and maintenance. Ensuring security is today’s top priority, due to different data breaches and broken access control that are constantly on the rise.

As you can see, every single software development project consists of various steps that must be carefully completed in a detailed manner. Imagine what would happen if you have to hire different professionals for each part of the project. Not only that they wouldn’t be able to understand your needs and constantly track the progress of this business project, but that will also make you lose a lot more money, time, and energy. In the end, you wouldn’t get the same result as hiring one team/provider for all the steps of a software development project.

We have gone through the stages of the project roughly, just with a purpose to help you create a picture of what it takes to complete any software development project – from its start to finish.

When you choose your nearshore service provider, you are not finding a team who will complete some tasks and run away. Instead, we love to think about it as choosing strategic cooperation with experienced professionals, such as our outsourcing team in Serbia.