Academia web app.

The Challenge

The School of Engineering Management (FIM) faced the challenge of streamlining administrative and academic processes. Traditional methods were proving time-consuming, and there was a need for a comprehensive solution to digitize operations, facilitate exam registration, and enhance collaboration among students and professors.

Our Approach

Sipod rose to the challenge by developing Academia, a cutting-edge software tailored to FIM’s specific needs. Our approach focused on creating a user-friendly platform that would automate administrative tasks and improve the overall academic experience for students and faculty.

Development and Technology Stack

Academia was meticulously crafted in the .NET environment, leveraging its robust capabilities. The frontend was built using Angular technology, ensuring a seamless and responsive user interface. The software comprises a web application designed for teachers and institution staff, along with a mobile app catering to the needs of students.

Features and Functionality

  • Digitization of Processes: Academia digitizes administrative processes, reducing manual efforts and enhancing efficiency.
  • Exam Registration: The platform allows students to register for exams, simplifying the entire process efficiently.
  • Results and Materials Management: Professors benefit from the capability to upload exam results and course materials, fostering a streamlined communication channel.

End Product

The result is Academia, a modern edtech software solution. Its comprehensive features empower stakeholders to manage scheduling, administration, and records effortlessly, fostering a conducive environment for both teaching and learning.


Since the implementation of Academia at FIM:

  • Efficiency Gains: Administrative processes have become more efficient, saving time and resources.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The platform has facilitated improved collaboration among students and professors.
  • User Satisfaction: Students and faculty appreciate the intuitive interface and the ease it introduces to their academic interactions.