Care Coordinator web app.

The Challenge

In the Municipality of Raska, nurses and medical technicians faced the challenge of efficiently coordinating their visits to elderly patients in various locations. The manual process involved frequent calls to coordinators for task assignments and directions, creating inefficiencies and delays in patient care.

Our Approach

Sipod addressed this challenge by developing a comprehensive solution – Care Coordinator – the field service scheduling and tracking software. This web and mobile app empowered coordinators to seamlessly create tasks with detailed directions for field workers, eliminating the need for constant phone communication. The app aimed to streamline scheduling, enhance coordination, and ultimately improve the quality of service for vulnerable and elderly persons.

Development and Technology Stack

In crafting this innovative solution, our technical team leveraged the robust capabilities of the .NET Core framework to develop a high-performance Web API. This served as the backbone of our application, facilitating smooth communication and data exchange among diverse components. The ExtJS Web front-end brought a rich and intuitive user interface to coordinators and administrators, facilitating efficient task management and scheduling. Simultaneously, the Flutter Mobile App extended this functionality to field workers on the move, enhancing their accessibility and responsiveness.

End Product

The end product is a user-friendly web and mobile application that streamlined field workers’ operations in the Municipality of Raska. Coordinators can efficiently assign tasks, track field workers in real time, and ensure timely and effective care for elderly residents. The software became vital for scheduling, tracking, monitoring, and evaluating services.


The implementation of Sipod’s Care Coordinator resulted in a significant improvement in elderly care. The streamlined process reduced administrative burden, enabling quicker and more effective medical assistance. During the pandemic lockdown, the app ensured that medications and medical treatments reached those in need. The initiative showcased our commitment to supporting social causes and aiding local communities in challenging times.