Explore the success story of IPS Energy, a revolutionary solution crafted exclusively for field crews in global electrical power utilities. This cutting-edge platform, including the IPS®MobApp, has been meticulously designed to support advanced performance analytics, on-site tracking of failure modes, and root cause analysis. Operating seamlessly on leading mobile systems, it addresses the unique challenges electrical engineers face during field operations.

The Challenge

Electrical engineers tasked with maintaining transformer stations and electrical facilities encountered significant hurdles in accessing and updating documentation in the field. The reliance on laptops and hard-copy materials proved impractical, leading to errors and inefficiencies in data management. The challenge was clear: streamline the workflow, reduce task time, and minimize errors for field engineers.

Our Approach

Sipod’s solution involved the development of a tablet version of the IPS Energy application that seamlessly syncs with the central system. All essential data is transferred to the tablet through a single synchronization, allowing engineers to utilize the application even offline. Integrated with a mapping feature for optimal routing, this approach aimed to enhance field operations and overall efficiency.

End Product

The end product is a tablet application that provides engineers comprehensive access to necessary data, procedures, and documentation, reducing reliance on impractical laptops. The integration with mapping technology optimizes routing, ensuring engineers can navigate efficiently between locations.


User feedback highlights a significant 20% reduction in time spent on administrative tasks, enhancing overall productivity. The streamlined workflow and offline functionality have cut costs and contributed to increased satisfaction levels among field engineers. This case study is a testament to the successful transformation of field operations through innovative technology solutions.