Survey Maker app.

Addressing the distinct challenges encountered by Berlin-Chemie, a global pharmacology leader participating in various events worldwide, Sipod embarked on a transformative journey to create a cutting-edge solution for survey management. The resulting product, a comprehensive survey application, now stands as a cornerstone in optimizing marketing and sales efforts at events.

The Challenge

Berlin-Chemie’s marketing and sales agents encountered connectivity challenges at global events, hindering the seamless execution of marketing surveys on tablets and computers. Furthermore, the need for a user-friendly application that could be easily distributed and operated offline presented a significant hurdle.

Our Approach

Sipod’s strategy involved the creation of two distinct applications. The first, a survey design application, empowered users to craft surveys with both open and closed-ended questions. The second application allowed for the execution of surveys as a web application or a desktop application via USB devices. The innovative approach also included displaying configurable marketing video messages when surveys were not in progress.

End Product

Sipod’s solution revolutionized the way surveys were conducted at events. The Survey Maker application empowered Berlin-Chemie’s marketing and sales teams to design, distribute, and execute surveys easily with minimal connectivity dependencies. The offline mode ensured uninterrupted functionality, while the automatic startup feature streamlined the survey initiation process.


  • Efficient Event Presence: The Survey Maker application enabled Berlin-Chemie to deliver impactful presentations at events and symposiums with seamlessly designed surveys.
  • Uninterrupted Operation: The automatic startup and offline mode features ensured continuous functionality, overcoming challenges posed by weak or non-existent internet connectivity.