Task Inspector app mockups.

The Challenge: Streamlining Maintenance Operations Across Multiple Locations

A prominent hotel chain in Belgrade faced a recurring challenge in efficiently managing maintenance tasks across its various locations. The maintenance workers used several Viber and WhatsApp groups to monitor maintenance requests and track the status of reported malfunctions. The maintenance supervisor grappled with tracking workers and their assigned tasks, leading to issues such as task duplication, missed assignments, information loss in communication channels, and delayed problem resolution. This inefficiency not only affected guest satisfaction but also resulted in a lack of accountability during shift handovers.

Our Approach: Crafting an Intuitive, All-In-One Solution

To address these challenges, our team developed a comprehensive solution – an intuitive, user-friendly app tailored to the client’s needs – Task Inspector. The goal was to create a centralized system that could streamline maintenance requests and enhance communication among hotel staff. The Task Inspector app allowed receptionists, housekeeping staff, and maintenance workers to report issues seamlessly, providing real-time updates. Key features included user role assignments, automated communication, and the ability to report defects with supporting evidence.

The End Product: Revolutionizing Maintenance Management

The end product was an all-encompassing maintenance management software that revolutionized the client’s day-to-day reactive maintenance operations. The app facilitated the assignment of roles to users, with admins overseeing the process and reporters and workers initiating resolutions. The automated communication within the app empowered maintenance workers to report defects efficiently, complete with photo and video evidence, documentation, and comments. The live dashboard feature provided a comprehensive overview of all completed and outstanding issues.


  • Time and Cost Savings: The implementation of our streamlined maintenance management software resulted in a remarkable reduction in maintenance costs for the hotel chain.
  • Enhanced Focus on Guest Experience: With the maintenance processes streamlined, hotel staff could redirect their efforts towards enhancing the guest experience.
  • Increased Productivity: Notably, the maintenance team experienced a substantial increase in productivity, as they could now dedicate more time to resolving issues promptly rather than navigating cumbersome processes.


Task Inspector – our tailored digital solution addressed the client’s maintenance challenges and resulted in significant improvements, showcasing the positive impact of streamlined and efficient maintenance operations.