Health Hero app.

Health Hero, an innovative American startup, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the healthcare industry by addressing the complexities of medical appointment scheduling and enhancing the overall experience for both patients and medical professionals.

The Challenge

Health Hero identified several challenges within the healthcare system, including the cumbersome appointment scheduling process and the time-consuming nature of patient check-ins at healthcare institutions. The overload of medical staff, particularly from handling appointment bookings, further emphasized the need for a streamlined solution.

Our Approach

In collaboration with Health Hero, the Sipod team engaged in an extensive discovery phase. We crafted a project charter and developed a functional specification from the client’s initial concept. UX wireframes were created and validated with the client, forming a dedicated team of developers and QA engineers.

Development and Technology Stack

Sipod utilized cutting-edge .NET technologies and hosted the applications on the Azure Cloud. The web application, implemented with the Blazor framework and ASP.NET Core Host, leveraged SignalR for real-time updates. The mobile app, developed using Xamarin, ensured a seamless cross-platform experience on the Microsoft stack. Integration with Twilio enabled efficient communication through SMS notifications.

End Product

The resulting solution comprised a mobile and web application that transformed the patient journey. Patients could effortlessly schedule appointments and receive preparation instructions through the mobile app. On arrival at the healthcare institution, they checked in by scanning a QR code or placing their phone in a designated area, eliminating the need for traditional reception check-ins. The app guided patients through various stages, providing real-time updates on queue positions and suggesting nearby waiting areas. Timely notifications kept patients informed and engaged throughout their healthcare journey.


  • Efficiency Improvement: Healthcare institutions experienced more streamlined services, reducing the burden on medical staff involved in administrative tasks.
  • Cost Reduction: By eliminating the need for doctors to handle reception check-ins, operational costs were minimized.
  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction: The simplified and efficient process increased patient satisfaction.
  • Elevated Healthcare Services: The overall quality of healthcare services was elevated, aligning with the mission to provide superior patient care.
  • Infectious Disease Prevention: Reduced waiting times and congestion contributed to minimizing the risk of infectious disease spread within healthcare institutions.


Health Hero’s collaboration with Sipod resulted in a transformative solution that addressed the initial challenges and significantly improved the healthcare experience for patients and medical professionals. The successful implementation showcases the potential for digital innovation to drive positive change within the healthcare sector.