Break Stuff Market app.

Break Stuff Market stands as a premier app designed exclusively for card collectors worldwide. Sipod has diligently crafted this marketplace platform, seamlessly integrating Stripe for secure transactions, catering to the buying and selling needs of a startup client based in Croatia. Beyond its fundamental grading and market functionalities, BreakStuff Market evolves into a thriving social network tailored for card collectors, featuring Instagram-like elements that elevate the user experience.

The Challenge

In the vibrant card-collecting subculture, global enthusiasts unite under a shared love for tangible history and art. Yet, the absence of a reliable hub prevented the fluid exchange of collectibles, causing headaches for enthusiasts navigating the labyrinth of buying, selling, and grading. This created a palpable struggle for aficionados seeking their beloved cards’ true essence and worth. Sensing this void, Sipod undertook a mission to deliver a distinctive solution, injecting authenticity into the card-collecting world.

Our Approach

Collaborating closely with the start-up client from Croatia, Sipod optimized the budget for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version. Employing the Extreme Programming Agile methodology, our mobile development team swiftly implemented the solution, showcasing it to potential investors. Leveraging the latest Flutter version with BLOC pattern, we ensured a responsive and high-quality application. The platform integrated Stripe for secure transactions, delivering a seamless user experience.

End Product

The result is a groundbreaking mobile application, the first of its kind, tailored for card collectors. Beyond a mere marketplace, the app facilitates card upload, editing, and grading using AI algorithms. It serves as a unique space for collectors to buy, sell, trade, and discuss their hobby, all within one cohesive platform.


BreakStuff Market is not just a tool; it’s a revolutionary shift in the card collecting world. The app addresses the long-standing challenge of a fragmented market, fostering trust, transparency, and community spirit. With features like AI grading, secure payments, and a social network akin to Instagram, the app provides an all-encompassing solution for enthusiasts and investors alike.