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Exploring OKR: A Comprehensive Guide

OKR is a powerful goal-setting system and management tool that can benefit organizations in many ways. It encourages greater organizational and personal focus, motivation, and productivity while allowing individual employees to see their role in achieving long-term goals.

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Sipod team to meet with business associates in Novi Sad, Serbia

The Sipod team is set to meet with its business associates at the end of the week in Novi Sad, Serbia. We invite software development and IT companies from Novi Sad to join in on the networking meetings.

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Cooperation between Sipod and Talent Embassy from Sweden

Sipod's CEO, Dejan Beciric, has recently met with Sladjan Bogojevic, Talent Embassy's founder and CEO in Malmö, Sweden. They discussed their plans for cooperation in the year 2023. They both recognized how important it is to maintain good business relationships no matter where your business partners are located in the world. Talent Embassy is

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Camunda – the tool we love

Camunda's mission is to automate business processes across demanding organizations from various industries, from financial services to the tech industry. For a business to thrive, it needs to have proven, effective processes that determine how an organization runs.

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